CompCancer is a PhD programme (DFG funded research training group) that focusses on computational aspects of cancer research. Contemporary cancer research generates enormous data sets characterising tumours at unprecedented molecular details. To integrate and interpret these new layers of data, computational methods are becoming central to cancer research. Increasingly, computational methods are also required for clinical oncology, as more and more patients are receiving therapies based on integrated molecular profiles.

The goal of CompCancer is to develop and apply computational methods on relevant questions of current cancer research and thereby train the next generation of computational oncologists. CompCancer focusses on research on

  • Personalised and advanced therapies
  • Tumor heterogeneity
  • Therapy resistance

These areas are addressed with contemporary methods including

  • Single cell methods
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Integration of multi-omics data
  • Complex IT system


The research training group CompCancer (RTG2424) is a DFG funded PhD programme in Berlin, focussing on computational aspects of cancer research.

Contact: compcancer at charite dot de